When the beats of Berlin merge with the timeless sounds of Flamenco,

When a bailarina graces the floor with her feather-light moves,

When the traditional blends with the modern,

When castanuelas clap in time with the music’s rhythm,

When a patio in the heart of Madrid comes alive with dance,

BALCONY AFFAIRS descends upon Madrid.

COME BY AND enjoy...


Feel the pulsating rhythms of Berlin, sense the passion of traditional Flamenco and get emerged by the modern Choreography crafted by the prima ballerina of the National Ballet of Madrid, Inmaculada Salomón. Joined by Diego Aguilar and Hugo Aguilar, she presents the premiere of “Madrid x Berlin” in our enchanting Open-Air patio. The blend of electronic music with Flamenco sounds was carefully composed by sound designer Alan Gleeson


After the performance, be animated and enjoy the fine music selection by Alan Gleeson.  


Adding depth to the auditory journey, percussionist Juan Manuel de las Heras will infuse the electronic music lineup with the rich textures of his cajon, creating an immersive sonic experience.


The artist Alejandro Cano will exhibit his art installation “Estructuras luminosas”, made in situ at Tierra y Tiempo

In collaboration with Hybrid Arte:  

Exhibtion “DREAMS” with Annita Klimt, Carol Galiñanes and Lucila Bodelón represented by Stendhal Room


Specially crafted drinks from Gaugin featuring classics like the Moscow Mule, Gin Tonic, and other refreshments will await you. Also, find local wines from Cría Cuervos for you to choose from. 

YOUR FIRST drink is on us!

Jomo Members: You will receive two drinks of your choice. 

Join us for an afternoon of movement, music, art and meaningful connections.

Ticket: 35 Euros 


DATE : 25.05.2024 
TIME: 18-22h, Performance starts at 19:00 o’clock
VENUE: Santo Tomé 4, Madrid

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