Inmaculada Salomón, a graceful embodiment of artistry and dedication.

As the prima ballerina of the National Ballet of Spain, she has been an integral part since 2006, ascending from its corps de ballet, through the ranks as a soloist, to her current esteemed position.

Her journey is not just one of dance but also of profound learning, with a background in theater and mindfulness, enriching her performances with depth and presence.

Beyond the stage, she extends her talents to serve others, as an instructor of Dance for Parkinson’s, bringing joy and movement to those in need.

In “Electra,” a mesmerizing production of the National Ballet of Spain, she graces iconic venues such as the 64th International Festival of Classical Theater in Mérida, the Teatro Real, and the Teatro de la Zarzuela, captivating audiences with her movements.

Versatility marks her career as she effortlessly transitions from the stage to the runway, captivating audiences both as a model and a dancer at the prestigious Mercedes Fashion Week, collaborating with renowned designer Juan Duyos.

Her artistry knows no bounds as she becomes a guest artist in “Zincalí” at the Corral de la Morería, weaving her magic into every step.

Even during the festive season, she shines, invited as a guest artist for the Christmas advertisement of the Community of Madrid, spreading joy and festivity through her graceful movements.

Not content with just performing, she takes on the role of artistic director and choreographer for “Enma,” a spectacle commissioned by the City Council of Ripollet, showcasing her creative vision and leadership.

Inmaculada Salomón will light up the stage at our upcoming event, PATIO AFFAIRS, with a choreography blending ballet, flamenco, and modern moves set to electronic music.

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