Alan Gleeson is a versatile composer, sound artist, and electronic music performer. With a diverse range of projects, he delves into an eclectic mix of musical exploration, spanning from the intricacies of field recording to the bold experimentation of electroacoustic compositions. His repertoire extends further to encompass vibrant dancefloor tracks, captivating ambient soundscapes, and everything in between.

Having been a resident in Berlin’s music scene for several years, Alan not only performed in various clubs but also shared his expertise by teaching music production to students. Central to Alan’s artistic journey is performance, where he excels in the realms of free improvisation and real-time composition. His live sets are a testament to his mastery, weaving together sonic tapestries that transcend boundaries and captivate audiences with spontaneity and innovation.

For more information and to explore Alan’s work further, visit his website:

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